Quality in mind

High-quality workmanship and innovative pool projects are our constant motivation. We combine innovative design ideas and quality materials with the work of experienced welders, painters and pool experts to create a high-quality end product.


Here are some details of our pools

Our Pools

In general we build two different types of pools. On the one hand the classic container pools made from recycled sea containers (width 2.43m) in a desired length of 5-13m. Alternatively, we build completely free-standing steel pools with a polyurea coating in the desired size to be able to realize extra widths of up to 3.5m. Please contact us for your desired dimensions.


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Our Pool Features

Steel Structure

Our pools all have an internal welded steel structure. This allows us to create multiple types of basins, stairs, sitting benches, handrails, various pool heights and more. All suitable for your very own personal dream pool.

Polyurea Coating

Sealing the steel strucutures with Polyurea, a high-tec sprayed plastic, enables us to form a neatless basin built to last. Polyurea has a life expectancy of 30 years+ and even if you try a sledgehammer or your favourite knife, the sealing will almost be impossible to penetrate.

Integrated Equipment rooms

However best suitable for your property, we can create internal and external equipment room, accessible from the original container doors, the pooldeck or the sides.

Quality painting

For outside we use a high-quality two-component anti-corrosion colour to ensure a superb long-time protection for your containerpool. Upon demand we can also use various colours to get the personalized look you desire.


Between the container and our steel basin our pools have 3-5cm of high quality insulation to ensure the heat stays where it belongs, inside your pool.

Personal CAD Design

Before entering the production phase you will be able to communicate with our engineer and have your personal features designed and approved, making your container pool a truly unique one.

Overflow systems

Endless feeling? Yes, we can. We offer various options for overflow systems to give endless pool optics and optimal water quality. Please contact us to find out more.

Your Feature!

We strive to innovate and be challenged with new ideas. Please feel free to share your desired feature with us and our engineer will do his very best to make it come true.

Floor drain

Most container pool builders don’t put a floor drain because it is very time intensive to put the connections below the pool. We believe it is an absolute must to ensure good water circulation and hygiene as well as an easy option to leave out the water when necessary.


A true highlight for every pool. A crystal-clear see-through window to get the most out of yoour pool and have fun guaranteed. Acrlyglass is more expensive than commonly used Safety glass but it’s surely worth every Euro. Much safer (you can try kicking it from outside and it won’t break), the clearness is amazing, it is easy to clean and most importanty, unlike autoglas, it stays crystalclear for its entire lifetime.


If you are looking for the best possible way to swim, we can only recommend a HydroStar by Binder. Amazing river feeling, adjustable strenghts, no maintenance and much more. Once tried you never want to swim normal again.


Our Pricing

20' Feet Containerpool

Starting at 19.500 Euros
  • Internal Steel Structure
  • Polyurea Sealing
  • Pool equipment

Acrylic Windows

Starting at 2.500 Euros
  • 1×1 meter – 2.700 Euros
  • 2×1 meter – 3.700 Euros
  • 3×1 meter – 4.700 Euros
  • Installed by underwater window experts

Countercurrent Systems - HydroStar

Starting at 9.000 Euros
  • The best swim feeling on small space
  • Integrated into the pool wall
  • LED Light integration possible
  • APP connection for best swim workouts

Automatic pool covers

Starting at 4.000 Euros
  • Underfloor
  • Overfloor
  • PC, PVC, PCTR or Solar cover


Steps to your pool

1. Feasability

1. Feasability

In your mind you might already have a vision of what your containerpool is supposed to look like. After your first contact we first discuss the feasibility for building your specific pool and possible transport and build-up at your location.

After the general parameter and the price is established we go into the next phase and design your pool with CAD programs and static calculations.

2. Planning and Layouts

2. Planning and Layouts

3. Project Start

2. Planning and Layouts

After all drawings are completed, we start with the production process. From this point on it takes around 2 months until your container arrives, depending on the specifics of your container pool.

4. On-Site Preparations

4. On-Site Preparations

You will always need a solid foundation so that the ground can bear the weight of the container and the water. If needed we guide you through the process already keeping i mind the day of delivery and built up. Upon demand we can also provide you with a pre-built foundation from a container’s upper half.

The wait is over. After 2-3 months your containerpool is ready! We assist you with finding suitable contractors for this task.

5. Delivery and build-up

5. Delivery and build-up

6. Getting ready for the first swim!

6. Getting ready for the first swim!

After being put into its final position, there is one thing left to do: Fill the water and take a swim! For the best swim experience we recommend the leading countercurrent systems by HydroStar. Please feel free to ask about the best suitable machine for your fitness level.



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